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Our process begins with listening to your needs.  Please tell us the nature of your interest in Mexico as well as your base of business and, if possible, a timetable for investment.  We welcome your inquiry and will respond as quickly as possible.


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Managing Director

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Professional Services

As a team, Mexico Consulting Associates offers a broad number of service areas to support your needs in Mexico. 

The following is a list of areas where we have assisted international companies both large and small, public and private, ranging in sales from $3 million to $7 billion:

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Business Planning

•  Customized Industrial and Product Market Research
•  Comprehensive Business Case Planning
•  Assessment of Acquisition and Joint Venture Potential
•  Legal and Financial Exposure Risk Identification and Assessment
•  Business Incubation Activities

Supplier and Sourcing Development

• Supply Chain and Logistical and Security Planning
• Identification and Qualification of Potential Suppliers
• Facilitation of Sourcing and Purchasing Contracts

Site Selection Feasibility Studies

• Development of Site Criteria and Operational Start-up Scenarios
Identification and Qualification of Competing Sites
Start-up and Operating Cost Pro Formas 
Assessment of Warehousing and Distribution Options
Evaluation of Shelter/3rd Party Service Supplier Support Options

Labor/Human Resources Development

• Fully-loaded Labor Cost Comparisons
• Labor Surveys for Industrial Areas and Parks
• Mentoring of Expatriates and New Hires
• Assessment of Local Labor Unions
• Labor Skill Set Development and Workforce Optimization
• Identification and Qualification of Managerial Candidates

Trade and Regulatory Compliance Planning
and Implementation

• Regulatory Requirement Identification and Assessment
• Evaluation of Free Trade Agreement Requirements and Benefits
• Assistance in Obtaining the Required Permits from Government Agencies


Development and Qualification of Logistics Options
Fully-loaded Cost Comparisons Including Duty Impacts
Identification and Qualification of Carriers
Integration of Logistics Options with Strategic Supply Chain 



The most important first step in our process of response to inquiries from companies is “good listening.”  Whether a prospective client is interested in establishing their own manufacturing operation in Mexico, finding a suitable supplier of parts, establishing a sales and marketing office, creating a distribution network, or evaluating logistics options, listening to the “wants and needs”
of the prospect is vital to a successful relationship as well as a successful project conclusion.

Although not necessary in all cases, when a new manufacturing operation or a new supplier in Mexico is desired, an early visit to the company’s plant sites is important in viewing the production process, machinery and equipment and utilities required, and labor skills necessary, among others.  Also of importance for a wholly-owned operation would be the source of raw materials and components as well as the destination of finished product.   Other essential pieces of information would be the tentative timetable for start-up, the initial space for production, and the forecast for expansion.

The goal of Mexico Consulting Associates is to be part of its client’s team, assisting the client’s functional managers in ensuring that their “wants and needs” in relation to the new operation, the new office, or the new supplier in Mexico are fully satisfied.